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  • Colour Shadows

    16 octobre 2010

    I have always loved drawing, and developped an even bigger fascination for painting. The scale kept on growing bigger, I feel I always need to express myself on a larger scale, far from fashion illustration. I decided as a challenge to forbid myself from...

  • Flashing Fake Skin

    16 octobre 2010

    Knowing my obsession for the body, it is no surprise I went on a quest of the Holy Skin. I explored how skin can be revealed in an outfit, and how to play on a fake layer of skin, through materials imitating it, colour- or texture-wise. Firstly, I worked...

  • Any Body Shape Will Do

    16 octobre 2010

    I absolutely love drawing and especially on my leisure time naked bodies. This study obviously nourishes my knowledge of the human body, on which fashion design relies. I am not solely interested in rendering the volume and proportions of the model, but...

  • Looks Of The Fashion Week

    16 octobre 2010

    Evolving in the fashion world for almost a decade now has obviously extrapolated my love for clothes. Designing is my passion but so is dressing up or even getting dressed any day. Therefore I have chosen the exciting Paris Fashion Week to compile my...

  • Flower power

    21 octobre 2010

    Even if my favorite theme stays the body in its every detail, I have not limited myself to this area of exploration. A project while on my French fashion degree drove us to study ancient roses, and I who didn't think I was a very flowery person developped...

  • The imprint of the crime

    03 novembre 2010

    Halloween gave me the idea to introduce a project created for the London festival "In the Mood for Crime". Therefore I worked collaboratively with another Central St Martins student Sophie Willett, who has since then won the Gold medal for Britain. Being...

  • Exquisite exhibitions

    05 novembre 2010

    I just wanted to share the two last Parisian exhibitions I have visited: the poster artist Villemot at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France and the incredible Basquiat at the Musée d'Art Moderne. Bernard Villemot is a French poster artist from the last...

  • Familiar faces

    12 novembre 2010

    Besides drawing bodies, I am fascinated by faces. I have painted a lot of them in the past years, wanting to create a collection with prints of faces varying the scale, These faces have haunted me and little by little invaded my sketchbooks... Even if...

  • Imprisoned in the lining

    18 novembre 2010

    During my second year at St Martins, I have discovered the heat press to amongst others transfer onto fabrics while working on a print project. I found there the great opportunity to combine my two passions: painting and garments. I did a photoshoot of...

  • Body Positions

    26 novembre 2010

    Here is my favorite photoshoot so far: it works on the parallel between the garment showing the illusion of a body position worn on a model and the actual position which inspired it. This project is explained in greater lengths in both pages "Final collection...

  • The insides of the body (part 1)

    10 décembre 2010

    My obsession for the body pushed me to explore its insides. My challenge was to make the entrails, quite commonly considered as repellent, attractive, to show beauty in them. I was inspired by La Fable du Monde, from Jules Supervielles and especially...

  • The insides of the body (part 2)

    15 décembre 2010

    I carried on this apprehension of the insides of the body by the study of vascularisation. I have felted lace to try to give back the effect as a pattern. The graphism and more specifically its cut-outs inspired me the following garment, created by many...

  • Two hours in Wonderland

    19 décembre 2010

    I was lucky enough to attend and participate to a session of Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School organised on the theme "One Night In Wonderland". The models were posing at the "espace Kiron" surrounded by an enchanted set, gathered and composed by Stella Polaris....

  • All that sparkles

    13 janvier 2011

    This is a project created while I was doing my placement year. Even though I loved working for fashion houses as prestigious as Karl Lagerfeld and Kenzo, as creative as Proenza and Narciso Rodriguez, I felt after a while (really short to be honest) the...

  • Memories memories ... vegetation

    25 janvier 2011

    While emptying my attic, I found some old projects, for instance from my foundation course. I have decided to take them out of the closet one last time. I am starting this "memories" session with a theme on vegetation ... Vegetation had inspired me a...

  • Memories memories ... city

    05 février 2011

    In parallel to the project on cohabitation vegetal/human, I wanted to explore the infrastructure, the habitat created by men that is the city. The city can appear dark, cold and inhuman, but besides the picture below (which I developped and airbrushed...

  • Every cloud has a silver lining

    05 février 2011

    Thursday night was the final catwalk for the competition Podium Jeunes Stylistes. Being one of the 15 young designers chosen amongst hundreds, two of my looks were presented at the grand hôtel Westin Place Vendôme in Paris. The theme imposed by the competition...

  • Positions

    06 mars 2011

    I have realized these paintings while elaborating my collection on body positions "Echos intimes". Life drawing allowed me to choose the positions I was interested in and to better understand the articulations and volumes of the body. Besides, I have...

  • Catwalk show at the Paname

    12 avril 2011

    Here are finally the looks presented at the catwalk show at the Paname in Paris. More on this in Perceval's interview . This collection "journey" is a confrontation of different projects from the five past years. It is then drawing again my creative thought...

  • Exquisite exhibitions 2

    18 avril 2011

    The must-see exhibition in Paris these days is Madame Grès at the musée Bourdelle. I just couldn't resist those wonderful dresses, most of which have really not aged at all and I had to start sketching. It is fascinating to be in presence of a true talent,...

  • Leggy girl

    21 mai 2011

    Here are a couple pictures from a photoshoot organised in London two weeks ago with some pieces from my CSM Final collection. Jacket piece designer: Ewa Kujawa Photographer: KristineJoramo Stylist: Sophie Emmett Make up/Hair : Natasha Woodward Model:...

  • Allaire's allure

    13 juillet 2011

    With the menswear and couture fashion weeks, life has been pretty busy, but I take advantage of this lull to post this teezer about the coming editorial: Allaire from Viva Models, a new face to watch who appeared amongst others in the Valentino Couture...

  • Exhibition "Echos Intimes"

    16 janvier 2012

    I had the privilege to be part of the launch of the Chill Art Food and thus be the first fashion designer to be exhibited in this remarkable space. The photographs of my St Martins graduation collection taken by the very talented Marie Colibri have inhabited...

  • Sketching my hand out in Venice

    27 mars 2012

    After Roma, here are a couple pages from my sketchbook about my trip to Venice last weekend ... Some are raving about its golden mosaics, some about its stained glass... I was watching my feet ! Saint Marc's emblem is the lion... and you can tell at that...

  • Sketching my hand out in London

    09 mai 2012

    Here is an extract from my wanderings in London last weekend ... Of my visit to the former centre of St Martins on Charing Cross Road... Of the fantastic exhibition on the first British artist I discovered after moving to London ... And of the no less...

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  • I am a French graduate in fashion design after studying fine arts and sculpture. All this in cities all over the world. Well, all in all, im crazy about fashion, painting, culture in general and I hope I will manage to communicate my enthusiasm !
  • I am a French graduate in fashion design after studying fine arts and sculpture. All this in cities all over the world. Well, all in all, im crazy about fashion, painting, culture in general and I hope I will manage to communicate my enthusiasm !